Bachelor of Business Management


Department of Business Management established in the year 2008. Business Management in today’s scenario is considered as a basic qualification for management positions be it in Finance, Marketing, and HR department of an organization. The major advantages of pursuing BBM/BBA is the exposure to the theories of management and their practical implications, understanding the actual organizational environment, the working culture and learning the ways to become successful managers in various disciplines.
In present globally acquired business environment, dynamic managers having vision, resourcefulness and proficiency to face the problems and challenges are in demand. Keeping this in view, Department of Business Management, GNFG College trains the students with quality education and skill sets required in business world. The pedagogy followed is in coherence with the current requirements in order to bring out the best in the students to be successful managers.
The institution has highly competent, committed and proficient faculty who have associated their personal aims and growth with that of the institution. We concentrate on providing soft skills with special emphasis on spoken English, Role Plays, Case Studies, Mock Interviews, and Group Discussions etc.
The students of the department have been actively participating in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell in the institution. This practical approach helps students to face the highly competitive environment and unleash their full potential.


“To empower the marginalized youth to become dynamic and professional business leaders through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and cultural awareness in a safe, accessible and affordable learning to serve the society and the nation.”


M1:To foster managerial capabilities and entrepreneurism by inculcating quality and professional management education.
M2:To develop linkage with business, industry, academia and alumni for knowledge generation, dissemination and application.

Program Outcomes PO's

PO1:Demonstrate maturity, professionalism and team working skills.
PO2:Have general idea of operations in business.
PO3:Have specialized skills to deal with area specific issues of concern.
PO4:Apply technological knowhow for business advancements.
PO5:Analyze, investigate and solve critical business issues.

HOD Desk

Mr. Md. Inamur Rahman Khan

Asst.Professor & HOD

The Department of Business Management provides an excellent environment to the students and has a continuous process of interaction with corporate, industry leaders through workshops, seminars, lectures and other extracurricular events. It offers an innovatively designed program whose curriculum meets the changing requirements of the industry and also meets the needs of industry. In Guru Nanak First Grade College, students are provided the platform to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student centric environment. The programs are designed to prepare students for managerial positions in a number of fields with a broad skill set. The Courses provide students with a core foundation to manage human, marketing and financial resources in a way that ethically and strategically moves an organization to accomplish its goals. It provides them with pragmatic, engaging and experiential platform for the students where they learn to network, support, and participate in various intercollegiate competitions. These courses provide an opportunity for students to exhibit their managerial talent by participating in various national & international competitions. They get hands on experience in the corporate world through internship projects with reputed organization. In their curriculum they are encouraged to take up mini projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. We believe that our students have been accepted in their job profile and have consistently exceeded expectations of the corporate world. Today, our alumni serve at different leadership positions in the various private, public, multinational, government and non-profit organizations. We continue forward in the true spirit of ability driven education while sensitizing its students. I am confident that the students of the department would justify the credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in their respective field. Wonderful Wishes to Every Student ….!!!

Faculty Details








Mr. Md. Inamur Rahman Khan

MBA with K-SET


05 years


Mrs. Ashwini Gowli


Asst. Professor

01 years


Miss. Renuka Hippalgaonkar



01 years