Metric Wise DVV Clarifications
Extended Profile Clarifications
1.1 Number of Courses Offered by the Institution
1.2 Number of Programmes Offered by the Institution
2.1 Number of students year-wise during the last five years
2.2 Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI
2.3 Number of outgoing/final year students yearwise during the last five years
3.1 Number of Fulltime Teachers year-wise during the last five years
3.2 Number of Sanctioned Post year-wise during the last five years
4.1 Number of classrooms and Seminar Halls
4.2 Total Expenditure Yearwise excluding salary
4.3 Number of Computers
Metric wise clarifications
1. Curricular Aspects
1.1.3 staff participation in Affiliating universities curriculum development and assessment
1.2.1 programmes offering CBCS
1.2.2 add-on courses
1.2.3 attendance of Add-on programmes
1.3.2 Syllabus of Courses experiential learning
1.3.3 Students Participating in Project Work
1.4.1 Filled in Forms in Feedback
1.4.2 Analysis and ATR Report
2. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
2.1.1 Average enrolment percentage
2.1.2 Seats Filled against reserved categories
2.2.2 Student fulltime Teachers Ratio
2.3.3 Mentor Ward system
2.4.1 fulltime Teachers against sanctioned post
2.4.2 Faculty with PhD
2.4.3 Teaching Experience
2.6.3 Final Year Students Passed
3. Research Innovations and Extension
3.2.2 Workshop/Seminar on IPR & Entrepreneurship
3.3.3 Book Chapters Published
3.4.3 Extension Activities
3.4.4 Students Participating in Extension Activities
3.5.1 Collaborative Activities
3.5.2 MoU's and Activities
4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
4.1.3 Classroom with ICT Enabled Facilities
4.1.4 Expenditure for Infrastructure Augmentation
4.2.3 Expenditure for Purchase of Books
4.2.4 Library Data
4.3.2 Student-Computer Ratio
4.4.1 Expenditure on Infrastructure Maintenance
5. Student Support and Progression
5.1.1 Scholarships by Govt
5.1.2 Scholarships by Institute
5.1.3 Capacity Building Programme
5.1.4 Guidance for competitive Examination
5.1.5 Student Grievance Redressal
5.2.2 Student Progression to Higher Education
5.3.1 Awards and Medals won by students
6. Governance and Leadership
6.2.3 e-governance
6.3.2 Finacial support to attend conf.
6.3.3 Professional Development Programme
6.3.4 FDP Certificates
6.5.3 Quality Assurance Initiatives